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The following professional services are available from HanoverSoft.


Monitoring Technology Assessment
Assess enterprise monitoring technology for the CIO. Your enterprise has many monitoring tools in place. Monitoring covers your network, telecom, security, servers, applications, facilities, and more. However, not all monitoring is consolidated into a single tool in one data center. This assessment reviews your current monitoring technology so you know what you have and what you don't have with respect to FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) management disciplines. Assessment concludes with thorough presentation and report to the CIO. View the on-line brochure, then request an initial meeting. See Top 6 Benefits of service. See health insurer case study.

Monitoring Technology Unifying Vision
Continuing work after the Assessment, you need a vision of how you can unify these monitoring technologies to align IT monitoring with your business needs. The vision will be assembled specific to your enterprise in a report and presentation to the CIO. View the on-line brochure, then request an initial meeting.

Monitoring Technology Deployment
Continuing work after the Plan, you need to realize that vision. This may involve systems integration, software development, or project management of your resources augmented by our resources. The specific scope of work will be determined upfront and managed throughout. The deployment will conclude when the scope is complete. The deployment will be documented and project summary provided to the CIO. When complete, your IT monitoring will be aligned with your business needs. View the on-line brochure, then request an initial meeting.

Network Management Systems Integration
You need an experienced network management systems integrator to review or enhance your NOC (Network Operations Center). Systems integration includes moving data between management applications to provide effective management. Systems integration also includes ensuring manageability of all intended components.

Security Risk Management Analysis and Recommendation
You need a security professional to review your business to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and recoverabilility. You need a risk analysis review or audit to produce a report with specific recommendations to address your environment.


Product Idea Review and Brainstorming
You have a product idea, but it requires review by an independent party and likely could use some improvement or changes. You need experienced help to listen to your idea and provide feedback interactively with your principal inventors.

Product Idea Critical Analysis and Feasibility Research
You have a developed product idea, but it requires critical review by an independent party who can provide you with direct and honest feedback. You need experienced help to research the idea's feasibility. One analysis will review technical feasibility, resource feasibility, and superficial market receptivenes. A second analysis will review marketability and approximate market size.

Technology Selection
You have a project which requires technology, but you are unclear which technology should be selected or how much technology should be selected. You need experienced help who can review your project to determine and design a technology solution for you. You may need help ordering, assembling, configuring, verifying and documenting your technology solution.

Customer Research for Product Requirements
You have completed your customer research phase; you are ready to create product requirements, but need experienced help to define those requirements. Correct product requirements are critical to the success of your project: they determine architecture and design, they guide development, and they are critical for the product testing plan.

Product Requirements to Product Design
You have defined your product requirements, but need experienced help to design the functional specifciations and recommend technology for development. The functional specifications must be right so the development effort produces results that match your product requirements.

Product Licensing Planning, Development and Manufacturing
You are implementing a project, but you need to regulate product use through licensing. You need experienced help to create a licensing plan, develop a licensing solution for the product, and develop a plan to incorporate this licensing into the manufacturing or installation process.

Product Development and Test
You have the functional specifications for a project and need an experienced team to develop and test the product.

Product Support
You have engaged HanoverSoft to develop a product and now need to support your customers. You need experienced help to provide phone support, e-mail support, forum support, and blog support. You need product issues to be triaged to provide resolution through corrective action or product changes. You need to manage product updates and communicate proactively with the existing customer base.

Product Marketing Planning
You are developing a product and need experienced help to create a marketing plan, which includes collateral, promotion, and lead generation.

Business Partner Development
You have a product which is selling, but you desire to increase sales through business partnerships. You need experienced help to identify business partners, meet with those partners, and establish a formal relationship to increase product sales. In this global economy, business partners may be domestic or international.

Customer Recapture Analysis
You have successfully sold your product so you have an existing customer base, but an unforeseen problem has arisen which threatens the loss of customers. You need experienced help to review the product, listen to the customer, analyze the problem, and recommend a solution to correct the problem.

Product End-of-Life Analysis and Planning
You have produced your product long enough that sales are tapering or sales will taper when a replacement upgrade is available. You need a plan to phase out the old product. You need a plan to migrate customers to the replacement. You need experienced help to analyze the product life cycle and plan for its end-of-life phase out.

HanoverSoft's Professional Services Guarantee to our customers: if you are not completely satisfied within the first three days of the engagement, we will refund your money and terminate your commitment (travel expenses excepted). We deliver quality consulting services. We stand behind our people!

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