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Monitoring Technology Assessment - Top 6 Benefits

The Monitoring Technology Assessment provides many solid benefits to your organization. Here are the top 6 benefits.

6. An accurate view for management
As an outside agency performing the assessment, HanoverSoft cuts through corporate politics and across layers of management to provide an accurate state of monitoring technology within your organization. The result is an accurate view for management on the real state of IT monitoring.

5. Reduce exposure to risk from resource failure
By assessing your tools' coverage of your resources, HanoverSoft can uncover areas where monitoring coverage is lacking. Resources that are not monitored expose the organization to risk - risk of lost revenue, risk of lost productivity, risk of decreased customer satisfaction, etc. Appropriate resource coverage is critical to reduce exposure to risk from resource failure.

4. Increase reliability and improve productivity (tools)
By assessing how well your tools are deployed and how well they are integrated together, HanoverSoft can provide recommendations to increase the efficiency of your tools. Effective use of monitoring tools is critical for increased reliability and improved productivity.

3. Increase reliability and improve productivity (employees)
By assessing how employees are using monitoring tools, HanoverSoft can provide advice to help your employees work more efficiently. Efficient workers lead to increased reliability and improved productivity.

2. Indirectly reduce expenses
The assessment will reveal trouble spots in your organization which interfere with management's ability to view the accurate state of critical IT resources. Improving management's visibility creates efficiencies which indirectly reduce expenses.

1. Directly save your organization money
The assessment will reveal if any and how much duplicative monitoring technology is in use. Getting rid of duplicate monitoring technology will directly save your organization money.

Determine which of these benefits specifically benefit your organization through a Quick Beneifts Analysis.

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