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At its core, HanoverSoft is a software research lab/incubator. HanoverSoft is active in entrepreneurial communities. We have a variety of talents researching different software ideas in-house. However, we also actively engage, advise, and participate in start-ups. When an idea shows market viability, we cultivate it and bring it to market.

   Research Center   
HanoverSoft is a research center for software products. Over 20 products have been invented and brought to market by HanoverSoft. We continually work on new software projects to fill real needs in the real world. Many of our research topics come from suggestions during professional services engagements. Current project: Exploring potential from data mining using a hierarchical object model to research relationships among diverse databases.

   Industry Partner   
We have over one hundred informal industry partners. Our partners are very diverse: software development companies, boutique microcontroller companies, large financial firms, individual businessmen, investors, limousine owners, and more. We stay in touch with our partners so we stay in touch with real needs. We value our relationships.

   Software Incubator   
When a researched idea is ready, we develop the product in our software incubator. Our staff chooses the most suitable technologies, develops a prototype, then produces the market-ready result. HanoverSoft markets the software directly, sells it through an exclusive channel, or creates a new division/corporation to market it. Our products are in use in over 50 countries throughout the world, including Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

HanoverSoft: Addressing real needs for the real world through software technologies.

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