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HanoverSoft provides assessment, planning, and deployment services around monitoring technologies by seasoned experts. The assessment service provides clients with a comprehensive review of their monitoring technologies, resulting in cost cutting of surplus technology, better visibility into current tool status, recommendations for indirect cost savings, and more. The planning service provides clients with a roadmap for improving their monitoring technologies. And the deployment service provides the necessary systems integration to achieve those improvements.

Historically, HanoverSoft has been a software research lab/incubator. We have a variety of talents researching different software ideas. When one of our ideas shows market viability, we create a new division, develop the product (or service), and bring it to market. At present, our focus is Monitoring Technology services.

To date, we have created the
Anthony V. Edwards
Anthony Edwards,
HanoverSoft Founder

  • Monitoring Technology Assessment Services Division which became active August, 2007
  • Network Management Integration Services Division which was active 1994-1998
  • Network Management Software Division which spun off to become Tavve Software Co. from 1998- present
  • Grand human project and stone etching business with web presence, MyMarkOnEarth.
  • Web-based applications called Community Portals (see Arts.TealRay.com and Clubs.TealRay.com), which list community groups and their current events.
  • 8051 Microcontroller Division for compilers and tools which sold software through Binary Technology, Inc. from 1988-1996. See BXC Division.
  • Programmer's Tools Division which sold software through Agranat Systems in 1988
  • Taxi/Limo Dispatch & Reservations Division which sold software through Clifton Taxi from 1992-1994
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